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How can stem cells heal wounds? – Back Pain Doctor Harley Street

How can stem cells heal wounds?

Stem cells are really helpful for various cell therapies. Its potential use in the future is promising, as research on regenerative medicine and cell therapy for Multiple sclerosis, Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Lupus, among other diseases is currently underway.

It is a fact that acute and chronic skin wounds that present scarring problems have shown an increase over the last decades. This is mainly due to a higher life expectancy in the population.

Factors such as surgeries, accidental lacerations, infections, burns, pressure ulcers (venous or diabetic), have become the main causes of this increase in acute wounds. And it is worth mentioning that it implies a high cost for proper treatment.

stem cells

What is this new therapy about?

Experts have worked really hard to find new therapeutic options. These in order to get better and faster healing of these wounds. So, thanks to experimental studies they have discovered a new regenerative therapy for the skin of wounds. It is the combination of plasma rich in growth factors and mesenchymal stem cells, obtained from the adipose tissue.

Growth factors are proteins found in plasma and are responsible for repairing and regenerating tissues. It is thanks to their positive effects on cell growth, metabolism, locomotion, contractility, and differentiation. mobile. In addition, this procedure, by producing new blood vessels, generates greater cellular creation. This accelerates the process of recovering from an injury.

In other words, the growth factors are the messengers that inform the cells about when they should grow, move, or differentiate to, in the case of lesions, recover damaged, cartilaginous or bone tissue. On the other hand, growth factors help reduce the possibility of bacteriological processes appearing in the injured areas, which reduces pain and relieves inflammation.

Why is it useful?

Fortunately, stem cells have allowed enhancing the healing time of the skin, but also the aesthetic appearance of the scar.

Respecting the perceptible cutaneous cicatrization of the wounds treated with these regenerative therapies, experts observed an important acceleration. This occurred in those wounds that were infiltrated with mesenchymal stem cells. It made no difference if it was in isolation or associated with plasma rich in growth factors.

If we evaluate the aesthetic aspect of the wounds, those that receive treatment only with mesenchymal stem cells are those that achieve a scar colouration and thickness more similar to a short-term physiological scar. However, also in this aesthetic aspect, the results are better when experts associate both therapies stem cells and plasma rich in growth factors.

The Regenerative Centre at the Harley Street Hospital provides advanced treatments for healing wounds. Book a consultation to get a specialist´s checkup.

-How can stem cells heal wounds?

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