Lumbar herniated disc treatment with percutaneous hydrodiscectomy.

Lumbar herniated disc are common manifestations of degenerative spine diseases, the main cause of radiated lower back pain. This guideline followed standard of a systematic review with recovery of evidence based on the movement of evidence-based medicine. We used the structured method for formulating the question synthesized by the acronym p.I.C.O., In which the p corresponds to the lumbar herniated disc, i to the treatment intervention with percutaneous hydrodiscectomy, c comparing with other treatment modalities, o the outcome of clinical evolution and complications. From the structured question, we identify the descriptors which constituted the evidence search base in the medline-pubmed databases (636 papers) and therefore, after the eligibility criteria (inclusion and exclusion), eight papers were selected to answer to clinical question. The details of the methodology and the results of this guideline are exposed in annex i.

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