Posterolateral Endoscopic Lumbar Decompression Rotate-to-Retract Technique for Foraminal Disc Herniation: A Technical Report.

Background and Study Aim:

Foraminal disc herniations present the unique surgical challenge for exiting nerve root retraction and decompression. The aim of current study is to describe an innovative maneuver and evaluate its usefulness for endoscopic decompression of foraminal disc herniations.

Material and Methods:

A retrospective review was performed including cases of foraminal disc herniations who underwent endoscopic discectomy utilizing the rotate-to-retract technique. Data on patient demographics and improvement in VAS/ODI scores were collected and analyzed statistically.


There were ten patients (three male; seven female) in the final analysis. Seven procedures were done at the L4-L5 level, two were done at the L5-S1 level, and one was done at the L3-L4 level. The average VAS scores improved from preoperatively 7.5 to postoperatively 4.4 (p= 0.001). The mean preoperative ODI was 67.8 and improved to 26.6 postoperatively (p< 0.001). None of the cases reported any neurological or dural complication.


Foraminal disc herniations can be safely and adequately addressed endoscopically with the use of rotate-to-retract technique.

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