Natural remedies for back pain

Nowadays, back pain is a big health problem that affects people of all ages. Most of the times it is of mechanical nature. It is the result of bad posture, repetitive movements, or loading something incorrectly.

The available treatments range from postural hygiene, medications (painkillers, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants), physiotherapy (heat/cold therapy, massages or devices such as short-wave diathermy, ultrasound, magnetotherapy or laser), local infiltrations, to surgery, in exceptional cases.

The concept of natural medicine is not only based on getting a cure for the disease, but it is a broader idea. It is a healthy lifestyle that revolves around the natural. This type of medicine should be seen as a supplement or as prevention of certain medical conditions.

In terms of treatment, our aim at the London Spine Unit is to offer a holistic, patient experience.

Natural remedies for back pain

Which are the 5 most relevant natural remedies?


1-Stretching, especially with the Egoscue Method

The way we stretch can make a difference. Static stretching can cause irritation and injury. One great option is the Egoscue Method, which is a series of very specific stretching postures and special exercises adapted to the individual needs of each patient. Egoscue is useful to restore muscle balance and skeletal alignment.


2-Reduce stress

People who suffer from unstoppable negative thoughts and anxiety are more likely to have back pain. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) takes some principles of acupuncture and is an excellent tool to balance the subtle energy system.



Massage helps to release endorphins, which produces relaxation and relieve pain. 10-weeks massage therapy offers patients more relief from back pain than regular care. Surprisingly, the results can last at least six months.


4-Physical Therapy

Patients who receive physical therapy right shortly an episode of back pain are less likely to need subsequent medical care compared to those who receive it later.



We recommend eliminating or radically reducing most of the grains and sugars in your diet. By avoiding grains and sugars your insulin and leptin levels will decrease as well as your resistance to them. It is key to control your pain and other types of chronic diseases.

-Natural remedies for back pain

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