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What are the symptoms of osteoporosis? – Back Pain Doctor Harley Street
symptoms of osteoporosis

What are the symptoms of osteoporosis?

Symptoms of osteoporosis: Osteoporosis has been known for years as the silent epidemic because this pathology does not produce any symptoms, although pain appears when the fracture arises.

Bones are usually very strong, its tissue is constantly breaking down and rebuilding. As a person gets older, an old bone can break down faster than the construction of new bone. As a consequence, the bones have small pores or holes, making them more fragile.

Specialists point out that some vertebral fractures may go unnoticed since no symptoms occur. In these cases, we miss the opportunity to stop the loss of bone mass and reduce the risk of new fractures.


Early symptoms of osteoporosis

Early symptoms of osteoporosis

There are several detectable symptoms of bone loss that might appear in an early stage. It is very common that people do not know they have fragile bones until a fracture occurs. We will mention some of the signs and symptoms that can let you know that you may be suffering from osteoporosis:

Retraction of the gums: The gums can recede if your jaw is losing bone. You might ask the dentist about the detection of the bone loss in the jaw.

You have less strength: Experts confirm that women lose strength in their hands and grip.

Brittle and weak nails: The strength of the nails may also reflect bone health.

Despite the changes in bone density, osteoporosis does not cause much damage. If you detect it in the early stages consult a specialist, especially if you have a family history of osteoporosis.


Symptoms of osteoporosis in more advanced stages

When the bone has deteriorated considerably, people can begin to experience more obvious symptoms, such as the following:

– The loss of height: Fractures in the spine originate loss of height, it is one of the most remarkable symptoms.

– Bone fractures due to simple falls: A fracture is one of the most frequent signs of bone fragility. Fractures may occur with a minor fall or movement. The most common fractures in osteoporosis are those of the proximal femur, humerus, vertebrae and distal forearm (wrist).

Back or neck pains: Osteoporosis may originate fractures by compression of the spine. These fractures are usually very painful. The symptoms of pain range from mild to debilitating.

– Bent position: The compression of the vertebrae may also originate a slight curvature of the upper part of the back. A hunched back is known as kyphosis.


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-What are the symptoms of osteoporosis?

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