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Why can a spinal injection help back pain? – Back Pain Doctor Harley Street
spinal injection

Why can a spinal injection help back pain?

A spinal injection allows getting temporary or even prolonged relief for pain or inflammation in the spine or limbs. Our specialists use imaging guidance (through fluoroscopy or computed tomography) to put the needle in the right area for being more precise. The injection may also help to confirm the precise site that is causing the pain. Therefore, spinal injection offers the maximum benefit for the patient.


spinal injectionWhat is an epidural injection?

This procedure consists of the injection of medication into the space around the spinal cord, which is also called epidural space, in order to get relief of pain and inflammation. The aforementioned epidural space is the most external part of the vertebral canal, which remains outside the dural membrane. The dural membrane is the covering layer of the spinal cord.


What medication do we use?

Our specialists administer steroids, anaesthetics and anti-inflammatory medications with this epidural injection.

The injection has the potential to reduce diminish and swelling in and around the spinal nerve roots, and around injured nerves that can eventually heal.


Benefits of the procedure

We can mention the following benefits for the patient:

-Temporary or long-term pain relief.

-Temporary or prolonged decrease of inflammation in the region of the spine that causes pain.

-Improved ability to perform daily life activities without the previous limitations caused by pain.

-It may help to confirm the exact site that generated pain. Generally, this is a problem in those patients who have more than one possible cause of pain.

-It could reduce the need for invasive procedures.



An epidural injection is usually highly effective in conditions that presented recently and has a lower success rate when the problem is longstanding. In just a minority of cases, an epidural injection may offer little or no pain relief. Each patient is different; nevertheless, there are times when we have to repeat the injection after a few weeks or months to receive the utmost benefit from the medication. If epidural injections do not work in order to relieve pain, our specialists will study your case and recommend another therapy.


At the London Spine Unit, Harley Street Hospital, we have some of the best specialists to perform spinal injections. Book a consultation to get a doctor´s checkup.

-Why can a spinal injection help back pain?

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