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Is PLDD laser discectomy effective for vertebral disc treatment? – Back Pain Doctor Harley Street
PLDD laser discectomy

Is PLDD laser discectomy effective for vertebral disc treatment?

PLDD laser discectomy: – Disc herniation is the result of degeneration and loss of the elastic properties of the intervertebral disc. The discs are fibrous structures like cushions that exist between every two vertebrae and cushion the movements of the spine. Various diseases or injuries, or simply age cause these discs to lose their elasticity and can fragment.

Causes of disc herniation

Disc herniation has its origin in three main causes:

1 – On the one hand, it may be due to a genetic predisposition, causing laxity in the tissues, or other pathologies that favour a herniated disc.

2- Likewise, bad postural habits, the performance of inappropriate exercises, or the lifting of weights higher than recommended may cause a herniated disc.

3- Finally, traumatic causes, such as falls, or accidents, are also a possible cause of herniated disc.

PLDD laser discectomy

Symptoms of disc herniation

When all or part of this affected disc moves out of its normal place, it can compress nerve structures (nerve roots, spinal cord) and cause symptoms such as lower back pain radiated to the lower limbs (sciatica), feeling of crushing, weakness in the legs. In very rare cases, a lumbar disc herniation may cause alterations in the control of urine or faeces.

Treatment for disc herniation

In most cases, back discomfort can be solved by conservative therapies such as injections, electrotherapy, massage or medication. Nevertheless, if these measures are not enough, doctors have to eliminate the cause permanently by using some form of invasive procedures.

In these circumstances, minimally invasive treatments are the first-line approach, and percutaneous laser decompression has been designed specifically for this purpose.

To assess the suitability of surgical intervention, the following factors are taken into account:

– Personal characteristics of the patient.

– Past clinical evolution.

– Result of the diagnostic tests.

– The security that previously conservative treatments have failed, such as rest, medicines, rehabilitation, change of activity if possible, etc…

Does percutaneous laser disc decompression provide results?

Yes! Especially in cases of cervical, thoracic and lumbar disc hernias, the percutaneous laser disc decompression method (PLDD) achieves excellent results!

The advantages of this type of surgery over conventional surgery are:

  • We avoid general anaesthesia.
  • The hospital stay is brief.
  • Absence of postoperative epidural scar.
  • Conservation of spinal stability.
  • There is always the option of performing conventional open surgery of the disc in the event of failure of the percutaneous laser decompression of the herniated disc.

-Is PLDD laser discectomy effective for vertebral disc treatment?

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