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How can stem cells help treat back pain? – Back Pain Doctor Harley Street

How can stem cells help treat back pain?

How can stem cells help treat back pain– Back pain is a very common complaint in developed countries, it can affect more than 80% of the population. It has the potential to cause anxiety, depression but also sleeping problems.

Depending on its cause, there are two types: mechanical, when it is caused by a muscle strain or trauma. The other type is inflammatory, caused by several diseases that sometimes are difficult to diagnose.

Other causes of low back pain are hernias, ruptures of intervertebral discs, narrowing of the spinal canal, osteoarthrosis, compression fractures, abnormalities in the curvatures of the spine.

When repeated acute injuries occur or if they do not get adequate attention, back pain can become chronic.

How can stem cells help treat back painHow do stem cells help?

Due to the aforementioned, our experts in neurosurgery at Harley Street Hospital have presented advances in the use of stem cells to end back pain, with individualized treatments and minimally invasive techniques that have the potential to diminish discomfort to patients.

The biological treatment became an effective solution for patients who have chronic pain. Pain in the spine associated with a degenerative disease. For instance, spinal osteoarthritis or herniated disc, which does not disappear with analgesics, anti-inflammatories or microsurgery.

How does it exactly work?

Studies concentrate on the culture of bone marrow cells that can be applied into the damaged intervertebral disc with a small puncture. But also on the use of cartilage cells, chondrocytes, which would enable patients to receive autografts and regenerate the cartilage of the damaged disc. This technique has proven to be effective in approximately 300 hospitals worldwide.

Stem cell treatment is a new therapeutic option for specific cases of back pain. Especially those caused by intervertebral disc injuries, muscle or ligament injuries and osteoarthrosis.

Stem cells can regenerate damaged tissue and diminish inflammation, accelerating the recovery process and improving symptomatology.

At the Harley Street Hospital, we offer this innovative treatment. Click here to get more information about stem cells therapy.

How can stem cells help treat back pain?

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