Back pain Specialists in London

Back pain Specialists in London: Currently, back pain is one of the most important health problems, causing limitation in those who suffer from it. Besides, it represents one of the leading causes of disability.

It has causes ranging from malformations, injuries and wears of the structure of the spine, to the malfunction of the back muscles, through infections, kidney or digestive diseases, rheumatic disease, nervous system dysfunction (pain neuropathic) and, exceptionally, tumours.

Depending on its cause, it is classified as mechanical or inflammatory.

Usually, it is mechanical, when it is caused by an injurious body movement, contusion or accident. Although it is the one of inflammatory origin that is the most difficult to treat.

Risk factors:

-Age: The pain can begin between 30 and 40 years old.
-Sedentary or poor physical condition.
-Overweight: Excess weight is a cause of overexertion for the back and therefore cause pain.
-Hereditary factors: Diseases with an inherited component such as ankylosing spondylitis, some type of arthritis or cancer that affects the spine, cause pain.
-Professional activity: Both professional activities that involve efforts or weight loads, as the sedentary activity of an administrative task, can cause back pain.
-Smoke: Cough of smokers can cause back pain. Smokers take longer to recover, so back pain may become chronic.

Back pain Specialists in London

When to consult with the doctor?

It is advisable to consult with the doctor when you present any of the following symptoms:

-Numbness or tingling in the back or limbs.
-Intense pain that does not relieve with rest.
-Pain resulting from a fall or injury.
-Pain accompanied by one of the following problems: difficulty urinating, weakness, fever, weight loss (without being on a diet).


Who can treat back pain?

Orthopaedic surgeons handle predominantly back pain and all spinal diseases.

Orthopaedic surgery is the speciality that includes clinical assessment, diagnosis, prevention, treatment by surgical means and adequate rehabilitation for the care of the patient with congenital and acquired diseases, deformities and functional traumatic and non-traumatic alterations of the locomotor apparatus and its associated structures.

The specialists’ main objective is to restore the normal function of a part of the musculoskeletal system that is deformed, sick or injured, and methods of physical rehabilitation.

At The London Spine Unit, The Harley Street Hospital, we achieve an integral approach to these pathologies and provide medical or surgical treatment when the underlying cause merits it. Book an appointment to get a specialist´s opinion.

-Back pain Specialists in London

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