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Running and back pain – Back Pain Doctor Harley Street
Running and back pain

Running and back pain

Running and back pain: One of the most common injuries among the population is low back pain. This is the pain located in the lower area of ​​our spine. People of all ages and levels of physical activity can trigger pain in the lower back. In this article, we will focus on that pain that is triggered specifically after a running session.

Most runners have experienced low back pain at some time after running. Why does this happen?

Common causes of low back pain after running

-Postural alterations.
-Previous injuries or in other specific areas of the body.
-Weakness in the core muscles.
-Bad running technique.
-Little flexibility in hip flexors.
-Running long distances (associated with fatigue).
-Running with running shoes that do not fit our footprint.
-Running uphill for a long period of time.

If you are a runner, you may have suffered lumbar pain at some time after running along with your sports career. But while it is true that this pain does not have the same cause in all people, it is vital to know the origin of the pain to treat it properly and thus so you can achieve the highest level in your running sessions.

As we anticipate in the causes, there may be variables that affect our lumbar health and therefore be exposed every time we run to feel discomfort in that area, so we must go to a physical activity professional to determine what can be the cause of the pain.

Running and back pain


How do I prevent low back pain after running?

Running causes us to subject the lumbar spine to repetitive stress in that area and for those who have this pain regularly, it is important to locate the production mechanism and also take measures to reduce lower back tension.

The core is formed by a large number of muscles. If we want to keep the lower back stable during the race, all these muscles need to be strong and flexible. This will help you not to see the dreaded low back pain in the race.

In general, the following tips are recommended for runners, especially those who are susceptible to back pain or sciatica:

-Perform a thorough warm-up before starting to run.
-Muscle toning and strength training are also vital, especially in the muscles of the base of the back.
-Train with running shoes appropriate to our footprint and comfortable.
-Try to run on a surface that dampens our footprint somewhat.
-Stretch the hamstrings correctly twice a day to minimize stress through the lower back.

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Running and back pain

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