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Why are core muscles important for back pain? – Back Pain Doctor Harley Street
core muscles

Why are core muscles important for back pain?

Core muscles:- Core refers to the abdominal, lumbar, pelvic, buttock, and deep spinal muscles. From this group of muscles, you get most of the strength of your body. You use them to kick a ball, lift a heavy object or stand up. The core muscles divide into three groups:

The abdominals

The muscles of the abdomen are fundamental for the strength and stability of the trunk, protect the spine, keep the viscera in position and numerous daily activities. Despite having an important function, these muscles are only five but they are large, strong and apparent muscles that extend from the thorax to the top of the pelvis, intersecting and associating with each other to work together.

core muscles

The hip muscles

One of the most important characteristics of the hip muscles is that they are very long and strong. For this reason, their insertions are wide, and thus they can withstand the forces that they produce. The hip muscles will have one or another function depending on the position of the leg or legs at that time.

The lower back muscles

On the back are some of the most important muscles of the human body and, in addition, they are the largest. These muscles help maintain proper posture.

Importance on back pain

Have you ever been told about the core muscles and its importance on back pain? In order to explain why this musculature is a determining factor in maintaining the stability and health of our back, it is necessary to understand the process; we will differentiate the muscles into two types:


Thanks to their characteristics, they have the main function of producing movement. An example can be the lumbar square also known as quadratus lumborum.


They have the main function of controlling the movement of the joints, giving them stability. Although there are also important shallower stabilizing muscles, these are the types of muscles commonly referred to when talking about deep musculature. An example is multifidus.

The origin of back pain

The functioning of the spine as a whole is not so simple. In spite of the division we make in stabilizing and mobilizing muscles, all the muscles have a stabilizing role. Following the previous examples, the lumbar square also has insertions in the transverse processes of each vertebra which helps the stability of the spine despite the fact that its fundamental role is to perform movements. However, stabilization is not its main function as it is of the multifidus or other paravertebral muscles.

Sometimes when the stabilizing musculature is not able to meet its objective, the mobilizing muscles can supply this function. However, since they are not designed so that their main mission is stabilization, fatigue, muscular imbalances, contractures and, ultimately, back pain will occur.

The treatment and prevention of back pain will require a training program that affects the correct function of the stabilizing muscles.

-Why are core muscles important for back pain?

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